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Inspiration from Quilting Arts Magazine!

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Thermofax,rubber stamps and recycled plastic packing material

I got my Quilting Arts Magazine Late last week. I was looking through and found an article on using plastic erasers. The article (pg. 62) is called:

Figure It Out: Kathy Reid
From stamp to stitch: simplifying the
human form with carved-eraser stamps

Don't you love the hair!

Well I read the title and said”I can do that, I didn’t read the article, I just went with the pictures and flew from there. I usually start this way and then go back and read the directions. So I started with a piece of muslin that I has been practicing a screen printing technique using Thermofax screens. I had downloaded a video by Surface design artist Lynn Krawczyk called “Print,design, compose which provided thorough demos of her favorite surface design methods, including Thermofax® screen printing”.

I let the Thermofax print dry and then set the fabric paint/Plaid Simply Screen Water-Based Screen Printing Paint with a hot ,dry iron. I couldn’t decide what to do next. So the piece sat rolled up on a cardboard tube. Today I took it out and set up my padded printing surface. It was great fun to print the human forms and then I added the hair,hearts and faces using fabric pens.

Let me know what you think!

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`A spurt of creativity!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

On Friday night I took some of the fabric that I had Marbleized during my Lectshop and did some stamping on it. I used $1 stamps from Jo-ann that said things likes surfs up and beach bum. I used the Paint sticks for drawing on t-shirts(Tee Juice made by Jacquard) to paint on the surfaces of the stamps. I was doing kind of a Hawaiian theme with pineapples, palm leaves and hibiscus flowers. I am now putting together Pineapple blocks,which I thought was an appropriate use of Hawaiian themed material. But as I discovered my theme was interesting, but my color choices were not giving me the effect I wanted. Plus I should have paper pieced them it would have been easier.But live and learn, who knows where this will go!

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