It’s been a long time …………

Not quite 6 months since my last post………..but many things have been going on and all for the good!

This jacket was sold during the Mother Daughter show I did in 2011 with my mother. The owner of the jacket is Liz Gordon and she wears it so elegantly!

I am working out again with a trainer 2 days a week. I have a used 2005 Subaru Legacy Outback that my mother gave to me (I went to North Carolina to pick it up in February).

I  attended a quilting class with Scott Murkin at the New England quilt show sponsored by MQX. The class was “Strata Quilts” and I had a blast! I volunteered to help set up before the vendors were even there. It was a great experience  and I would definitely do it again! I also white gloved at the quilt show in the row where 3 artists were featured, one of which was my Teacher Scott Murkin. I really enjoyed that two hours!

So, I guess I’m doing pretty well, I can walk around my work table,but it is still piled high. I will work on that this month! Quilting is not quite a top priority for me right now as the farm and my off the farm job consumes 45-50+ hours a week. Just enough time to breath ,work-out and eat….oh I guess I need to sleep somewhere in there……….But I’m keeping at it and as I feel less overwhelmed I can juggle more balls in the air,hopefully one of those balls will be getting back into my work room to create!


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  1. MaryR says:

    Great to see an update and to hear that things are good with you. With all your activities don’t forget fun!

    • Mary Will Sussman Mary Will Sussman says:

      Thanks for writing Mary! I know I don’t always talk about things being fun, but your right,fun is important!

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