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April 9th, 2015

I have lots of fabric……but no inspiration……even though the fabric is talking to me in the other room, the kitchen and the canning kettle have a bigger draw……………………..But fabric doesn’t go bad and will be there when I am ready.

Hiding behind the camera

Hiding behind the camera

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More drawings….but still problems with shadows, my eggs look like potatoes…

April 6th, 2014

NO ,they are not potatoes………………..I will keep trying!

The problem with this drawing was that I had more than one light source. This made my task much harder, so I decided to make it an artist interpretation  of eggs. Hopefully I can get the lighting set up better to make the rendering a bit easier! But I am trying to draw ever day and eventually I will get better!


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I subscribed to the Artists Network TV

April 5th, 2014

This was the first drawing in January 2014 before the Mark Menendez video

I was taught to draw in High school( a long time ago) and felt fairly comfortable with simple drawings .But after watching the video by Mark Menendez “Basic Drawing Techniques”I realized my exposure had just barely scratched the surface of drawing technique. I know as a teacher we decide what  parts of a technique are essential to be taught to learn that  skill/activity. I have found that I learn different things from each master teacher I have taken classes from, whether it is a gymnastics skills or a quilting skill. I found this video particularly useful and has inspired me to try to draw daily

This picture is from the same area,but was done after watching the Mark Menendez video. I can’t say it is much better, but my approach was definately different!

and as Mark Menendez says “Make Time For Art”. I am hoping that by drawing daily it will help me to get back into other areas of art. Giving me a more complete idea of what I plan to create and the confidence to keep at the project.

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